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Creative Wedding Style White Mantle Ornament Romantic Romance
Apr 27, 2016

Wedding flowers are often seen in Western-style wedding, when the couple holding hands through the men, said the wedding ceremony officially opening, also a rookie to start a new life. Below to bring you some creative wedding flower door styles, in many styles, I believe there will always be your favorite one, come and learn more about it.

Simple tree men:

With only a few dry flowers of tree branches, we are immersed in the nature of life.

Men from the stars: white veils of the gently flowing into Galaxy, Hung white flowers ball solar system planets, shining lights like the other stars of the sky, a dreamy view of the universe perfectly in the arms of the ancient trees. This is the aliens and earthlings wedding the best choice!

Natural colorful flowers:

Colored sunflowers form a Garland consisting of fern-leaf material, simple lines of the wood frame.

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